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New Hampshire: Live Free Or Die By Firing Squad

NH State Representative Delmar Burridge recently introduced HB 0037 proscribing death by firing squad: When the penalty of death is imposed, the punishment for a defendant convicted under RSA 630:1, I(g) shall be execution by firing squad. Burridge would likely describe himself as “principled,” like when he reported one of his constituents to the cops […] » about 100 words

Woodman Institute, Dover, NH

The Woodman Institute Museum in Dover NH is famous for having a four-legged chicken, but that’s only a small example of the weirdness you’ll find inside. A big collection of snakes and bugs and bears in top hats along with other examples of taxidermy fills the first two floors. The top floor is dedicated to […] » about 100 words

NH Primary Fraud?

Two very important things: I have every confidence that the NH Primary results were correct and accurate, and, most importantly, unmolested. And, I’m also quite happy with them. But that doesn’t mean I’m not anxiously awaiting the results of the hand recount that Congressman Kucinich has requested. Conspiracy theories abound, and Diebold is a despicable […] » about 300 words

The State Of Democracy

What does it mean about the state of democracy when viral video darling Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger shows up in NH? And Chuck Norris too? (Chuck Norris political facts.) It probably surprises no one that Kucinich’s press secretary’s 18 year old daughter is more articulate than Amber and Chuck combined. Ugh. » about 100 words

L.A. Burdick’s Cafe and Chocolate

My favorite place to eat in all of New Hampshire is LA Burdick’s in Walpole. It’s a chocolate shop and cafe and I’ve never had anything there that isn’t sinfully delicious. We took my mother-in-law there for Mother’s Day this year. We started the meal with their delightful cheese plate. This featured four cheeses in […] » about 300 words

The Twig’s Grand Opening

Wendy sent out this invite last week: Last month the Monningers quite suddenly became restauranteurs. Six weeks later, Wendy, Joe and Pie are excited to announce the Grand Opening of “the Twig”– an ever-so-cute restaurant in their hometown of Warren, NH. On Saturday, June 24th from 11-2 come to the Twig for free pizza and […] » about 300 words

LEGO Architecture

The Millyard Museum was hosting the New England Lego Users’ Group Saturday, building LEGO replica’s of Manchester NH‘s old victorian-era houses. It turns out they’re building a scale model of the entire millyard. lego, legos, mill, millyard, manchester, manchester nh, new hampshire, nelug, new england lego users group, replica, construction » about 100 words

Warren (and Dog Sledding) On TV Tonight

The folks at WMUR‘s Chronicle are featuring my friends Joe and Wendy and their dog sledding tonight. The photos above are of Justin in a race a few years ago (video of the finish also online). Warren hasn’t been so proud since we put the rocket up. dog sledding, warren, winter, snow, wmur, television, wmur […] » about 100 words

Mt. Moosilauke

Will and I climbed Moosilauke in early August, but it was only now that I got around to stitching the panorama. The view is considerably wider than 360 degrees, composited from 33 photos. The “full-size” version on Flickr contains 8 gigapixels of data. The real full-size version is a over 34 gigapixels. tags: 4000 footer, […] » about 100 words

Osceola Weekend

I climbed the Osceolas with Will and Adam this weekend. It was my first overnight in a long, long time, and their first mountaintop sunrise. I used to do sunrises on Mt. Monadnock, but I’d lost the habit. More pictures of the Osceola adventure at Flickr. tags: 4000 footer, camping, geo:lat=44.006336, geo:lon=-71.547260, geotagged, hike, hiking, […] » about 100 words

North-Country Drive-Ins

The Fairlee Drive-In Theatre is open with double features on weekends


1809 Route 5, Fairlee VT 05045 (one mile north of town)

Notes from

The usual Hotel/Motel concept of in-room movies is cable TV, this is one of only two Drive-ins in America that have a motel on the premises with a view of a drive-in movie. All rooms have a picture window and speaker, allowing motel guests to watch the movies. The motel has only 12 units, so be sure that you make a reservation well in advance to enjoy this unique drive-in which has been in operation since 1950 in rural Vermont.

But the Meadows Twin Drive-In in Woodsville (NH) appears to have closed at the end of last season (old info at

Pinball Wizard Gets His Due

The Laconia Citizen reported today that Ron Mowry’s 31 year quest for recognition as the real pinball wizard of 1974 has finally achieved some success. The Twin Galaxies Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records will credit Mowry’s 72 hour 8 minute marathon pinball session as a record. Mowry set his 1974 record […] » about 100 words

Lunch at Burdick’s

Treated Mom to lunch at L.A. Burdick’s in Walpole today. The food at Burdick’s is always remarkable, but this time I got a decent photo of it. I’m calling the plate in front a real tuna salad. Yes, those are strips of medium-rare tuna, but it’s the pickled onions that delighted me. In the middle […] » about 200 words