My iPhone Commercial (or, The Night We Almost Died On A Mountain)

It was cold. The air carried no scent, ice squeaked under our boots, and every little leaf and twig crinkled and snapped as we walked over it. But this was louder than that. Much louder. Neither Jon nor I saw it actually happen, but when I found Will he was mostly upside down between a […] » about 500 words

Mt. Moriah: Summit Denied

Will and I didn’t summit Mt. Moriah yesterday. We’d started late and the weather was turning against us, but I did get this shot of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range. tags: backpacking, bad weather, climbing, hike, hiking, mount moriah, mount washington, mt moriah, mt washington, mt. moriah, mt. washington, presidential range, summit » about 100 words

Osceola Weekend

I climbed the Osceolas with Will and Adam this weekend. It was my first overnight in a long, long time, and their first mountaintop sunrise. I used to do sunrises on Mt. Monadnock, but I’d lost the habit. More pictures of the Osceola adventure at Flickr. tags: 4000 footer, camping, geo:lat=44.006336, geo:lon=-71.547260, geotagged, hike, hiking, […] » about 100 words