I Missed The Nightclub and Bar Show

The international nightclub and bar show ran in Las Vegas last week, bringing a bunch of nightclub, bar, tavern, pub, restaurant, and hotel professionals to the city, including my friends at Biba.

Dave must be faking his shock at the free shots, music, and dancing girls filling the hall “all at noon on a Tuesday!” I’m not at all involved in the business, but I think I need to go next year.

The Twig’s Grand Opening

Wendy sent out this invite last week: Last month the Monningers quite suddenly became restauranteurs. Six weeks later, Wendy, Joe and Pie are excited to announce the Grand Opening of “the Twig”– an ever-so-cute restaurant in their hometown of Warren, NH. On Saturday, June 24th from 11-2 come to the Twig for free pizza and […] » about 300 words

Denver Nights

<a href="" title="Photo Sharing">El Chapultepec</a> is a little jazz club on <a href=",+Denver,+CO&om=1&ll=39.753228,-104.993334&spn=0.018245,0.058494" title="1962 Market St, Denver, CO - Google Maps">Market St</a> in LoDo, and one of a number of finds in Denver. » about 100 words

Librarians of Springfield

That’s my contribution to the Springfield Public Library meme that Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk started over the weekend. springfield public library, the simpsons, simpsons, cartoon character, cartoon, smartypants, funny, librarian, librarians, bar, moe, moe’s bar, self portrait, casey bisson, springfield » about 100 words

Atomic Liquors

I convinced Sandee to join me at Atomic Liquors on Fremont Street, just beyond the Western Hotel Casino in what the Las Vegas Sun calls the “gritty underbelly of Las Vegas.” Owner Joe Sobchick and his wife Stella started business in 1945 with a cafe called Virginia’s. They converted it into a bar in 1953, […] » about 200 words

Jacque’s Cabaret says “Jacques’ Cabaret is Boston’s oldest gay bar. The upstairs features live female impersonator shows five nights per week, including weekends. The downstairs basement is open only on Friday and Saturday, and hosts local bands.” Jacque’s official website shows Norell Gardner & his cast of miss-leading ladies playing every Friday and Saturday upstairs. The […] » about 400 words