What’s The Best Panorama Stitching App For iPhone?

I spent some time looking for panorama-related apps for the iPhone and came up with the following:

I’ve actually played with PanoLab a bit (landscape, portrait) after seeing p0ps Harlow using it.

Panorama Stitchers: Calico vs. DoubleTake

I’ve been using DoubleTake to stitch panoramas for a while, but when I discovered p0ps Harlow’s photos and learned he was using Calico Panorama, I figured it was worth taking a look. DoubleTake has done a great job for a number of my photos (Mt. Moriah, San Francisco Motorcycles, Mt. Mondadnock), and when the automatic […] » about 400 words

Oregon City Municipal Elevator

Oregon City apparently boasts one of only four municipal elevators worldwide. One hundred thirty feet tall, with an observation deck at the top, it seemed to be worth stopping for. Jason wrote in to Roadside America explaining: It began as a water-powered elevator in 1915, but was upgraded to an electric-powered elevator in 1954. It […] » about 200 words

Group Portrait at Pigeon Cove

An unconventional panorama in Rockport‘s Pigeon Cove. From left to right stand Will and Corey. Of course, it looks better bigger. Note: this was just a sideshow on our Weird Travel Tour. tags: corey, cove, group portrait, massachusetts, ocean, pano, panorama, pigeon cove, portrait, rockport, rockport ma, seaside, will » about 100 words

DoubleTake Stitches Panoramic Photos Cheap

I actually like the look of a broken panorama, where the borders of each photo are clearly visible — even emphasized. But last night I got the notion of doing a seamless pano and found DoubleTake, a $12 shareware app that makes the process pretty darn easy. The sunrise shot above (larger sizes) was my […] » about 200 words

Osceola Weekend

I climbed the Osceolas with Will and Adam this weekend. It was my first overnight in a long, long time, and their first mountaintop sunrise. I used to do sunrises on Mt. Monadnock, but I’d lost the habit. More pictures of the Osceola adventure at Flickr. tags: 4000 footer, camping, geo:lat=44.006336, geo:lon=-71.547260, geotagged, hike, hiking, […] » about 100 words