Leaked Video Of Bumblebee’s Breakdance Moves

Well, not ‘leaked,’ but just in time for the new Transformers movie, Patrick Boivin has posted this video of Bumblebee breakdancing.

Also in line with movies, here’s Bruce Lee p0wning Iron Man:

“I Want My Money”

My nephew checked his email while he was here this morning and this was the first thing in his inbox. Maybe it’s because he’s 17 and my humor is at about the same level, but both of us were cracking up over it.

Miserable attempt at recovering my dignity with serious criticism: Will Farrell and landlord prove there is no meaning (or humor) without context. Would it be as funny without Will Farrell (with full afro!)? Or if the landlord wasn’t an innocent looking young girl?

Flipbook Animation

I love this flipbook animation on YouTube (jump ahead to about 3:05 for it), even if the live-action preface is somewhat tiresome. And even with that, it still doesn’t rate as bad as some viewers think it is.

This is the “making of” / behind-the-scenes sneak peak at my upcoming movie “Annihilation”.

I had hoped to finish Annihilation in time to turn it in for my Cinema class, but I didn’t… so I had to make a movie about my failure to complete the movie, and turn that in instead.

The full flipbook animation movie will be up soon. Checkout for other movies.

I’m looking forward to the complete movie.

Top Gun: A Requiem For Goose

TeamTigerAwesome‘s Top Gun: A Requiem For Goose is more than funny, it’s the sort of thing a person should mine for insults and one-liners to use later. Of course, the recent Tom Cruise flap doesn’t dampen it any.

From the title cards:

On March 3, 1919 President Harding established the swingenest, scientologist, dew drop of a flight school in all 38.

Now, you boys may think that you are the high-hattenest group of flyboys ever to shoot down a Mrs. Grundy.

I’m gonna make you better.

So I ask of you?

Who among you wish to fornicate with immortality?

I dare say, me and my favorite Irishman, Goose, are the Real McCoy.

See that Sock Dollager over there?

The skirts call him Iced-Man.

She has misplaced feelings of love.

I despise it when she has misplaced feelings of love.

That Jester didn’t have a flapper’s chance against us Protestants!

I dare say you, you could call me Grover Cleveland…For I just orgazimized, on non-consecutive terms.

You’re still a splifficated, piker as I ever saw. But you can be my wing man anytime.

Applesauce. You can be mine.


I don't know how I feel about shilling for the <a href="">california dairy industry</a>, but this <a href="">cow abduction site</a> is pretty funny. Be sure to watch the movie. Want more, <a href="">go look</a> at <a href=""></a>. » about 100 words


I just popped in The Constant Gardener (trailer) and discovered the preview for Brick. And even though I want to see almost every movie previewed for me, I really want to see this movie. The Constant Gardener, by the way, is good too. brick, movie, movies, preview, the constant gardener, trailer » about 100 words

Exxpose Exxon

ExxonMobil’s 2005 profits of $36.13 billion are apparently the largest ever recorded by any corporation in America. To celebrate, the folks at put together this funny short: ExxposeExxon. The movie makes some good points, but let’s face it, high oil prices encourage conservation and research on alternative energy technologies. exxon, exxpose exxon, movie, cartoon, […] » about 100 words

Criticism of Modern Movies

We’ve all heard it before, but we just can’t get it out of our heads. Today’s movies make us feel dumb. Paulina Borsook joins the chorus and condemns contemporary cinema by praising movies of the 60s and 70s:

They were movies made for adults, even if they had been mainstream movies and/or nominally rated PG. They made presumptions about the intelligence of their audience, didn’t need things to be boldly spelled out, and they were predicated on the assumption that their audience was capable of making inferences. No semaphoring! No high-concept! Satire as opposed to scatology! Shades of gray in motive and character! Minimum numbers of car crashes! No fish out of water! No hilarious mixups!

Interestingly, she also found praise for The Interpreter:

The female characters didn’t simper, and didn’t seem like 30 going on 13 (hey, wasn’t there…). They were about themselves, subject rather than object.

The male characters had interior lives that made them seem human, creatures capable of emotional nuance.

So what else does she recommend? She’s made a list. Interestingly, all of this appears at, a Netflix competitor I’d not heard of before it got a recommendation at O’Grady’s PowerPage.

Segway Easy Rider Movie Trailer

Remember those guys who rode a Segway cross-country last year? Well, they’ve got a movie coming out. Yup, there’s even a trailer. Possibly more interesting: the photo gallery (from which the photo above came). Thanks to Engadget for the link. 10 mph, 10mph, cross country, easy rider, movie, movie trailer, on the road again, photo […] » about 100 words

Grizzly Man

David Edelstein’s review of Werner Herzog’s documentary, Grizzly Man, describes Timothy Treadwell as …a manic but lovable whack-job who doggedly filmed and obsessively idealized the bears that would ultimately eat him… The film is made up largely of the bits of the hundreds of hours of video that Treadwell himself shot during his 14 years […] » about 300 words

Movie Night: Open Water

Joe recommended Open Water whole heartedly, but others, like some of these one-star reviewers at Amazon, had equally strong reactions against it. I first learned of the events the movie is based on in Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country, where he described the events of Thomas and Eileen Lonergan’s disappearance during a dive in […] » about 200 words

Movie Night: House Of Flying Daggers

I’ve been a fan of Zhang Yimou’s[1] films since, well, for a while now. But I’m also a huge kung fu fan — Jackie Chan especially — so House of Flying Daggers was quite a treat. It’s not that I didn’t like Hero, or that Daggers was particularly funny. To the contrary, it’s tale of […] » about 200 words

Idaho Politics

Earlier this year the Idaho legislature passed a bill recognizing the success of Napoleon Dynamite, a film about Idaho life by Idahoan native sons. LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO First Regular Session – 2005 HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 29 STATING LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS AND COMMENDING JARED AND JERUSHA HESS AND THE CITY OF PRESTON FOR […] » about 700 words

North-Country Drive-Ins

The Fairlee Drive-In Theatre is open with double features on weekends


1809 Route 5, Fairlee VT 05045 (one mile north of town)

Notes from

The usual Hotel/Motel concept of in-room movies is cable TV, this is one of only two Drive-ins in America that have a motel on the premises with a view of a drive-in movie. All rooms have a picture window and speaker, allowing motel guests to watch the movies. The motel has only 12 units, so be sure that you make a reservation well in advance to enjoy this unique drive-in which has been in operation since 1950 in rural Vermont.

But the Meadows Twin Drive-In in Woodsville (NH) appears to have closed at the end of last season (old info at