Netflix Expands Queues

This is old news, but Netflix{#XfFSogqWv7s&offerid=78684.10000076&type=3&subid=0} now offers multiple queues for each account. Queues, of course, are the movie wish lists each Netflix customer keeps; when you return a movie, they send out the next movie in your queue. In the old days, each subscriber got just one queue, no matter how many members of the household had an interest in the movies. Two people, one queue? Marital drama ensued in my home and others.

Netflix heard the cry, and now we can create a number of queues to divide our three DVDs at a time. Each queue gets a separate can be assigned a separate username/password and has most all the same options as the primary queue/account. Of course, only the primary account holder can decide how to split the stack, we can still argue about whether Sandee gets one or two of the three at a time.