Even If They Don’t Click

Ethan Zuckerman’s recent post, What if they stop clicking? points out the difficulty of building a business on ad revenue. He points to statistics that show fewer readers are clicking banner and arguments from the web advertising industry about how un-clicked ads still build brand awareness. It’s not really central to Zuckerman’s point, but I […] » about 300 words

Google To Psyc Profile Users!?!

There it is in The Guardian: Internet giant Google has drawn up plans to compile psychological profiles of millions of web users by covertly monitoring the way they play online games. Yep, “do no evil” Google has filed a patent on the process of building psychological profiles of its users for sale to advertisers. Details […] » about 400 words

Used Brains And Black Plague, On eBay

He he. Chuckle, chuckle. Thanks to Kris and Brett for these pics. They ads are still there now when I search Google for used brain or black plague. My question is: does eBay just submit bulk lists of terms they want to buy, or do they have a deal with Google to just link ’em […] » about 100 words

Bad Quality

I should be all down on this sneaky way of advertising Nokia’s N90, but…eh, they’re funny. Bad Quality Officechairs is the latest, Bad Quality Hydraulics (somebody tell them it’s “pneumatics”) and Bad Quality Superglue bring up the rear. If that isn’t enough, they’ve got the Bad Quality Blog which pulls back the curtain a bit. […] » about 200 words


I don't know how I feel about shilling for the <a href="">california dairy industry</a>, but this <a href="">cow abduction site</a> is pretty funny. Be sure to watch the movie. Want more, <a href="">go look</a> at <a href=""></a>. » about 100 words

Wyoming Libraries Marketing Campaign

| I have mixed feelings about the value of advertising -- it's worth pointing out that <a href="">according to John Battelle</a>, Google never ran an ad anywhere prior to going public -- but I still enjoy seeing things like this <a href="">Wyoming Libraries campaign</a>. <a href="">Jill Stover quotes</a> Wyoming Libraries' Tina Lackey with the news that “Wyoming's libraries are as expansive as the state, and as close as down the street.” I'm just hoping that A, the horse is real; and B, they auction it off. See, I have these silly ideas about doing a cross-country road trip with it. » about 100 words

The Language Of Your Website

Lynne Puckett on the Web4Lib list pointed me to Web Pages That Suck and highlighted this quote from the site:

Nobody cares about you or your site. Really. What visitors care about is getting their problems solved. Most people visit a web site to solve one or more of the following three problems.

  • They want/need information
  • They want/need to make a purchase / donation.
  • They want/need to be entertained.

Too many organizations believe that a web site is about opening a new marketing channel or getting donations or to promote a brand. No. It’s about solving your customers’ problems. Have I said that phrase enough?

Then, while Googling for something else I ran across a post in Branding Blog

If you’ve heard me speak publicly, you’ve heard me say, “Talk to the customer in the language of the customer about what matters to the customer. Bad advertising is about you, your company, your product or your service. Good advertising is about the customer, and how your product or service will change their world.” Do you know the language of your customers?

Connected, no?