USB Camera Control

Problem The Canon EOS M doesn’t include a remote shutter release cable port, and the on-camera controls don’t expose features such as bulb-mode exposures. Further, simple remote shutter release doesn’t support the sophisticated camera control necessary to do timelapses with complex exposures. What kind of complex exposures? Imagine a timelapse going from day to night. During daylight […] » about 700 words

Motion Control Timelapse Projects On Kickstarter

Some time ago I backed the Syrp Genie (estimated delivery July 2012), but today I learned of the Radian and Astro. Unlike the Radian and Astro, the Genie supports linear motion, but it’s also much more expensive, bigger, and appears to have more complex controls.

Here are the videos for all three projects:




Composited Timelapse and Real-Time Skateboarding Video

Russel Houghten‘s Open Horizon is part skate film, part time lapse, and mostly awesome.

Then somebody pointed to this Jimmy Plmer/Z-Flex video that shares a number of features with Houghten’s work, but is less ambitious in scope. At least they did a behind the scenes video that shows the sweet Red camera and rails.