2002 Honda Civic iPod/iPhone Install

Last weekend, while I was putting an iPod interface into my Scion I did the same thing for my 2002 Honda Civic. Using Ben Johnson’s story as a guide, I bought a PIE HON98-AUX interface and dove in. Aside from tools (screwdrivers and 8 and 10mm sockets), you’ll need: The interface adapter Audio wiring — […] » about 700 words

2004 Scion xB iPod/iPhone Install

Based on this story about an iPod interface install I purchased a PIE TOY03-AUX aux input adapter so I could finally listen to my iPhone without using the lousy FM transmitter. Sure, I coulda bought a new car, as the manufacturers seem to have finally come to their senses and started including such inputs, but […] » about 400 words

My iPhone Commercial (or, The Night We Almost Died On A Mountain)

It was cold. The air carried no scent, ice squeaked under our boots, and every little leaf and twig crinkled and snapped as we walked over it. But this was louder than that. Much louder. Neither Jon nor I saw it actually happen, but when I found Will he was mostly upside down between a […] » about 500 words

Going Global With My iPhone

I can use my iPhone pretty much anywhere, but ATT is going to charge me $1.30 a minute for calls, $.50 per text, and $.02 per KB for data while in Denmark.

ATT requires international activation but they do offer some tips for international roamers. I bought an international iPhone data plan (20MB for $25), but I also learned that visual voice mail counts against that (regular voice mail counts against minutes, at the $1.30 rate). I could have paid $6 a month to get a discounted voice rate, but I’d have to make 20 minutes of calls for it to pay off. And there’s no plan to give me discounted SMS.

Essential iPhone Apps Rush In

ContentsGamesChatRemote ControlApplication Manager Games Tilt, described in programmer Joe Hewitt‘s blog: …Christopher introduced me to a very talented video game designer, Nicole Lazzaro, who had an endless stream of ideas for games that would use the iPhone’s accelerometer. Nicole’s ideas quickly ran into the limitations of the phone, as we discovered that the browser doesn’t […] » about 400 words

pinch me

I’ve been away from my computer for a couple days, but very much online with my iPhone. Today, as I looked at something on my laptop in Google Maps I found myself trying to pinch and flick my monitor to manipulate the position and scale.


They just put up black vinyl over the windows and gate. The line has grown to about 50. Still no word of quantity, but somebody shared a story that they asked “what happens if there are 300 people in line?” The answer was supposedly: “Even if they buy two we’ll have enough.”

we’re loved, we share the love

Suited security guy with square jaw and angry expression grunts at us as he confirms plans with store manager. He’s from management, and though we couldn’t overhear much, we did realize he was headed off to the AT&T store next. All of us remained silent as we watched him stomp off in the wrong direction.