Things Learned From The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey

Yes, they did a survey, and the results show the French have plenty of sex, but are among the least satisfied for all that activity. Russians (80%), Brazilians (82%), and Greeks (86%) appear to be the most likely to get it at least once a week, while in Japan it appears both infrequent and unsatisfying. New Zealand distinguished itself for being the only country where women averaged more partners than men.

The U.S. stats were middling at best, though 37% of Americans reported their “sex lives have been negatively impacted by daily stress.”

Even if you don’t like the results, you do have to respect the company for doing the research. Or, you could just laugh at their ads.

Going Global With My iPhone

I can use my iPhone pretty much anywhere, but ATT is going to charge me $1.30 a minute for calls, $.50 per text, and $.02 per KB for data while in Denmark.

ATT requires international activation but they do offer some tips for international roamers. I bought an international iPhone data plan (20MB for $25), but I also learned that visual voice mail counts against that (regular voice mail counts against minutes, at the $1.30 rate). I could have paid $6 a month to get a discounted voice rate, but I’d have to make 20 minutes of calls for it to pay off. And there’s no plan to give me discounted SMS.