USB Camera Control

Problem The Canon EOS M doesn’t include a remote shutter release cable port, and the on-camera controls don’t expose features such as bulb-mode exposures. Further, simple remote shutter release doesn’t support the sophisticated camera control necessary to do timelapses with complex exposures. What kind of complex exposures? Imagine a timelapse going from day to night. During daylight […] » about 700 words

Dragonflyer X6 UAV Remote Control Helicopter Is Sneaky, Awesome

I so want one of these sweet Draganflyer X6 helicopters. The two pound powerhouse can carry up to one pound of camera equipment, carrying it smooth enough to get decent video and stills. More videos are at the Dragonfly website, including one which supposedly demonstrates that it’s quiet enough for wildlife photo work (scroll down […] » about 100 words

Essential iPhone Apps Rush In

ContentsGamesChatRemote ControlApplication Manager Games Tilt, described in programmer Joe Hewitt‘s blog: …Christopher introduced me to a very talented video game designer, Nicole Lazzaro, who had an endless stream of ideas for games that would use the iPhone’s accelerometer. Nicole’s ideas quickly ran into the limitations of the phone, as we discovered that the browser doesn’t […] » about 400 words

Home Theater Remote Control

I have a sort of guilt complex about looking at home theater issues. Nonetheless, I’ve been building one piecemeal ever since I found an incredible deal on a video projector. Now I’m working on assembling a video jukebox of sorts and I need to face the remote control stumbling block. That’s why I like the […] » about 100 words