PHP Magic Constants: __LINE__, __FILE__, __DIR__, __FUNCTION__, __CLASS__, __METHOD__, and __NAMESPACE__

I’ve been using __FILE__ for years, but I never thought to look for its siblings.

echo ' line:'. __LINE__ .' file:'. __FILE__ .' directory:'. __DIR__ .' function:'. __FUNCTION__ .' class:'. __CLASS__ .' method:'. __METHOD__ .' namespace:'. __NAMESPACE__;

I feel as though I should have noticed these earlier; they’re clearly referenced in the docs for debug_backtrace(), after all.

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Suited security guy with square jaw and angry expression grunts at us as he confirms plans with store manager. He’s from management, and though we couldn’t overhear much, we did realize he was headed off to the AT&T store next. All of us remained silent as we watched him stomp off in the wrong direction.