Not Happy

It’s called Gigapan, a robotic panorama-maker. David Bergman used one to take the picture above (though his view was much larger) (you can buy your own for about $300 if you get in on the beta). The point, however, is that if you zoom in real close, you can see W’s pursed lipped scowl. » about 100 words

Bush Trying To Figure Out How To Invite Volleyball Team To White House

Sure, volleyball is the new gymnastics, so much so that the White House posted a picture of Bush with Olympians Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in their “News & Policy” section. Chalk it up to August being a slow news month. Still, I can just imagine the old man telling Laura “I think you should […] » about 100 words

Ministry of Truth = George Bush’s Whitehouse

The Huffington Post pointed out how the White House is doctoring video of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech from May 2003. Visitors to whitehouse.gov now get a video that crops out the mission accomplished sign.

How Orwellian will this president get? “The future of evil is in manipulating information.”


Mentioned earlier, but worth mentioning again: TrueMajorityACTION’s Take It Back campaign. Among the videos and political graffiti of the moment, don’t miss Freedom, Beat Box Bush, and Hijacking Catastrophe. And as funny as the Brazillion Joke is, we need a government that doesn’t lie, a government that’s smart, a government that cares for its people, […] » about 100 words

Beat Box Bush and DJ Cheney

Bush speech mashups rock. From Google Video:

So, you wanna learn how to beatbox? GWB is back with another amazing performance. Surprisingly he is actually very good.

Previously: State of the Union? Not good.

Also, note the tags on that video, and the way somebody snuck “????? ??? ? ???” past the filters.

George Bush And Cognitive Dissonance: “Evolution Is A Lie” And “Bird Flu Will Evolve To Threaten Humans”

Alpha Liberal reminds me that Bush somehow gets his head around the following: “the jury is still out on evolution” and “the bird flu virus could evolve to a form that can be spread easily from human to human” eh, I’ll take any excuse to point to Michelle Leeds’ photo and bash Bush’s stupidity. bird […] » about 100 words

Frank Rich on Bush’s Last 1000 Days

Frank Rich’s New York Times op-ed column today was full of the kind of easy one-liners that repressives conservatives usually like to use against honest people progressives. I got it from my friend Joe, but because The New York Times thinks their content is golden, they won’t let me link you to the full-text. Eh, […] » about 400 words

Bush: “I Invented The iPod”

President Bush, speaking in Alabama at the American Competitiveness Initiative, made a claim that would make Al Gore blush: he claimed to have invented the iPod. After taking credit for the development of ultra-small hard drives, audio compression, and chemistry(?), he laid it out: “it turned out that those were the key ingredients for the […] » about 100 words

Bush Joke

I wish I could admit the provenance of the following, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Here goes:

Donald Rumsfeld is briefing president Bush: “Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.”

“Oh no!” exclaims the president, “that’s terrible!”

His staff is stunned at this unprecedented display of emotion, watching as Bush sits, head in hands.

Finally, he looks up and asks, “How many is a brazillion?”

GAO Report Confirms Election Fraud

This should be no surprise — especially to those who’ve been appropriately concerned about electronic voting machines: Lyn Davis Lear is reporting on a GAO report that concluded the 2004 election was fraudulent and a Diebold insider is blowing the whistle (via Engadget). What does the report confirm? Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman summarize: Some […] » about 500 words

[FWD:] Katrina Eyewitness Report

(about the photo) The following report comes from CosmoBaker.com, which includes this preamble: EDIT: The following is an email that was sent to my mother from one of her colleagues. Although I cannot substantiate the contents, after all the horror stories that I’ve heard so far, I though that this one was important to tell. […] » about 2700 words

If I Close My Eyes, Does It Go Away? <br />Can Bush Censor His Shame Away?

Reuters: FEMA accused of censorship: “It’s impossible for me to imagine how you report a story whose subject is death without allowing the public to see images of the subject of the story,” said Larry Siems of the PEN American Center, an authors’ group that defends free expression. Brian Williams’ MSNBC Nightly News Blog: While […] » about 300 words

Things Go To Hell

DefenseTech’s Noah Shachtman writes:

Organizing thousands and thousands of people, in hellish conditions and in a hurry, is tough work. Let’s take that as a given. But still: We’re now a work week into a natural disaster that had been forecast for years, and New Orleans “is being run by thugs,” the city’s emergency preparedness director tells the Times. “Some people there have not eaten or drunk water for three or four days, which is inexcusable.”

In another post, Shactman asks how the DHS could fail its job so badly?

Meanwhile, Pravda declares George W. Bush has abandoned Americans and it turns out that FEMA is directing donations to Rev. Pat Robertson, yes, that same Pat Robertson who put a fatwa on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and is now wanted as an international terrorist.

Extra: Earl Hutchinson explores How to Create a Crisis.

It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

First Lady Laura Bush speaking at the White House Correspondents Association gala noted:

George’s answer to any problem at the ranch is to cut it down with a chain saw. Which, I think, is why he and Cheney and Rumsfeld get along so well.

The quote is all over the net now, but I found it in the August issue of Vanity Fair.

Warmonger ≠ Support Our Troops

On the heels of “<a href="/post/10260" title=“There _were no international terrorists in Iraq until we went in“>There were no international terrorists in Iraq until we went in” comes a story from Alternet: “Bush has failed the military on almost every level — marking the difference between being militaristic and pro-military.”

Discounting that he sent American troops into Iraq on false pretenses, a real commander would fight for the welfare of his troops. But Bush has demonstrated a consistent unwillingness to do so, and as a result many high-ranking officers have endorsed Kerry, including retired Navy Adm. William Crowe and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. John Shalikashvili.

Further, that the Bush administration has somehow linked our security with music piracy is even less comforting to me. Like “oh, terrorists might steal music, we better get them!” Sorry for the digression, but efforts like that cost money that could be spent on, say, body armor while doing little to actually make us safer.

Can our military afford four more years?

Another Military Family Against Bush

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