MaisonBisson Cultural Reporter at SXSW, Can’t Get Tickets, Brushes With Owen Wilson Instead

<a href="">SXSW</a> passes have apparently been sold out for weeks now. So what's <a href="">Bob Garlitz</a>, the MaisonBisson <a href="">cultural affairs reporter</a>, to do? Hunt for celebrities around <a href=",-97.738152&spn=0.164265,0.431557">Austin</a>, of course. Here's how <a href="">he describes his first hit</a>: <blockquote>...I decide hell, yes, it is Owen and give a tiny decisive blink. He blinks back in acknowledgment. I give him a little punch on his shoulder and say Hey, how're you doing? I'm doing real good, he says slowly...</blockquote> » about 300 words

Fully Wired and Mobile in San Antonio

I’m in San Antonio for ALA Midwinter and enjoying the benefits of wide-area mobile internet access via my Treo and and the power of local search. This is sort of a test for me and my Treo, as I passed on all the usual trip prep I do and entirely I’m depending on what I’ll […] » about 300 words

Second Annual West Texas Beautiful Burro and Mule Contest Held Today

The text of what appears to be the press release (online at Alpine Avalanche): The Fort Davis Merchants Association and the Jeff Davis County 4-H Club encourage everyone to come join the fun as they host the Second Annual West Texas Beautiful Burro and Mule Contest Saturday, Nov. 12. The contest will be held on […] » about 300 words