3rd party JS libraries cause downtime

Facebook Connect went down hard tonight. HuffPo reports that their site was redirecting to a Facebook error page, even when people weren’t attempting to log in.

It makes me more comfortable with our decision to strip so many 3rd party javascripts from GigaOM during our last redesign.

Failed Hard Drive Noises

There’s nothing amusing about this list of failed hard drive noises if you’re looking through it for a sound matching what drive on your desk is making (which I am), but I’m sure there’s some good material for the click-hop crowd. Photos by Jon Ross and James Harvey, used under CC license. » about 100 words

Business 2.0 Too Tired?

Magazines fail all the time, but it’s hard not to look at them as signs of something larger. MacWEEK‘s fizzle was claimed to represent the demise of the Mac, Computer Shopper has lost more weight than a Slim Fast spokesmodel (800 pages to 80 in ten years!). And now Business 2.0 Magazine is shutting down and sending cancellation notices to readers.

Perhaps the lesson here is that there’s nothing too 2.0 about stories that suggest you buy low and sell high?

The housing market may be melting down, but prices are near rock bottom in these places — and offer opportunities for savvy investors to get in now. 4 smart housing plays.

Q: Why Do Some Things Suck?

A: Because we compare them to the wrong things. I’m in training today for a piece of software used in libraries. It’s the second of three days of training and things aren’t going well. Some stuff doesn’t work, some things don’t work the first (second, third…ninth) time, and other things just don’t make sense. At […] » about 600 words

Frank Rich on Bush’s Last 1000 Days

Frank Rich’s New York Times op-ed column today was full of the kind of easy one-liners that repressives conservatives usually like to use against honest people progressives. I got it from my friend Joe, but because The New York Times thinks their content is golden, they won’t let me link you to the full-text. Eh, […] » about 400 words