What The Critics Are Missing About The Apple TV

It’s not just the critics, nobody seems to get the story on Apple’s new TV-connected device right. Darrell Etherington at The Apple Blog says it’s a non starter for him, and Ars Technica’s John Siracusa describes it as just the most recent entry in a product line that has been “a persistent loser” for the company. […] » about 800 words

Joost Brings Television To The Internet Age (Finally)

On demand internet TV has been just around the corner since the dawn of the popular internet, but like flying cars, it’s still not here. The problem is how TV streams clog the internet’s tubes. Bandwidth may be cheap, but there’s still never enough of it. Well, that’s true if your metaphor for the internet […] » about 300 words

Those Crazy K-Fee Ads

It turns out that K-Fee, the company that pushes its energy drink with the scary TV ads, has a English-language website. It also turns out they’ve got the scary car ad and eight others online. Here they are: Angler Car Buddha Golf Beach Meadow Yoga Soothing Waves Ocean Path tags: angler, beach, buddha, car ad, […] » about 100 words