CSI Jumped The Shark


I’m a newcomer CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, I started watching it with season six while suffering a flu that immobilized me for what seemed like a week or more. Dumb with illness, I went searching for a diversion at the iTunes store and stumbled into the series. I had the entire season downloaded quickly; it took me two marathon days to watch them all.

I got hooked.

Now I’m following season seven, again via iTunes. It’s more convenient than Tivo — each show arrives on schedule and free of commercials — and with the savings I get by going with DSL (naked, $30/month) versus cable (internet + TV, $100/month), a “season pass” on iTunes looks like chump change for the little bit of television I want.

And there’s a chance that consuming my media that way gives me a greater sense of ownership.

So when I say that CSI has jumped the shark, understand that it’s a rather considered opinion. I’m not alone, though some (35) people claim it jumped it as soon as Jorja Fox was cast and others (171) point to the plushies and furries episode (season four, I’ve been catching up on the back seasons via Netflix). Whatever the moment was, it became clear it had already passed a few weeks ago when they did a clip show reviewing the miniature houses subplot, loosely stitched together around lab rat Hodges.