Those Crazy K-Fee Ads

It turns out that K-Fee, the company that pushes its energy drink with the scary TV ads, has a English-language website. It also turns out they’ve got the scary car ad and eight others online. Here they are: Angler Car Buddha Golf Beach Meadow Yoga Soothing Waves Ocean Path tags: angler, beach, buddha, car ad, […] » about 100 words

Looking For The Energy Drink TV Ad?

Based on the search terms people come to this site with, I know that there’s a bunch of folks looking for the “energy drink ad,” or “K-fee TV commercial,” or “scary German,” or some such. Most people end up finding my story about Zygo energy vodka, and completely miss my story about the (deceptively titled) […] » about 200 words

Zygo: The Last Energy Drink

Cola wars are one thing, but “altbev” sure has come a long way since soft drink makers identified the market segment in the 90s. Coke’s Fruitopia was among the entries from the majors, but, as usual, it’s the independents that have lead the way. Water remains the leading altbev, but energy and “health” drinks are […] » about 400 words