Fully Wired and Mobile in San Antonio

I’m in San Antonio for ALA Midwinter and enjoying the benefits of wide-area mobile internet access via my Treo and and the power of local search. This is sort of a test for me and my Treo, as I passed on all the usual trip prep I do and entirely I’m depending on what I’ll find in situ or in my mobile web browser.

I wandered around a bit this afternoon to get a feel for the place, but as I got hungrier, I found myself stuck in the Riverwalk Mall, and without any local clues about where to look for better food (Steers & Beers, in the mall, might have been an option if it had more activity or if those few who were sitting at tables didn’t look so miserable). So I sat down and started searching with the accompaniment of a mariachi band. Google sent my to Yahoo!, which had restaurants by neighborhood. A couple clicks later I was looking at the map and figured out that I needed to get myself over to Commerce Street, where’d I’d find at least a couple places worth dining at.

Moments later I was at a patio table at the Lone Star Cafe, sipping a Shiner, and enjoying yet another mariachi band. Score one for local search and mobile access.