Rock Paper Scissors

This weekend’s Fifth Annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championships have ended, and Brit Bob Cooper has come out a winner. The Toronto event drew a reported 500 competitors and 250 spectators from 26 U.S. States, four Canadian provinces, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Wales, the UK and Ireland and paid a top prize of CAN$7000. “I […] » about 200 words

Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls

The Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls: just another example of why New York is cooler than New Hampshire. Photo by Rocco Kasby, performance by the Pink Slips. Yet again, a tip of the hat to Ryan Eby for the pointer. Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls , Rock Camp, Rock Camp For Girls, Willie […] » about 100 words

Rock Paper Scissors

Posted on the wall in Tom’s Peacock Bar in Corvallis was a mystery: a notice of a rock paper scissors tournament. A visit to the USA Rock Paper Scissors League‘s website proved more confusing. Take the first news release as an example: Rocky Balboa is stepping back into the ring for his final comeback, as […] » about 400 words

Supamonks Video

Al sent this video along via email, and it seems perfect for Friday afternoon. It’s all about super-monks (supramoine in French?), a kind of European Shaolin, maybe. alan baker, animation, battle, cartoon, combat, friday, funny, martial arts, monk, rock, supamonks, super monks, supermoine, supermonk, supramonks, video, violence » about 100 words

Queen Mashups Are All The Rage

Michael Sauers pointed out Q-Unit, a mashup of Queen and 50 Cent. They’re sure to have Disney (the rights owner for Queen’s catalog) on their back soon. At least, it didn’t take Disney long to shut down The Kleptones, whose “A Night At The Hip-Hopera” has a spot on my iPod.

And that’s where the story comes around, are we at the point where we can say Queen’s music has taken on the status of a modern fairy tale? And are these artists — The Kleptones and Q-Unit — the new Disneys, remaking old tales for new times?