Rock Paper Scissors

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This weekend’s Fifth Annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championships have ended, and Brit Bob Cooper has come out a winner. The Toronto event drew a reported 500 competitors and 250 spectators from 26 U.S. States, four Canadian provinces, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Wales, the UK and Ireland and paid a top prize of CAN$7000.

“I went through extensive training, read ‘The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide’, and studied the 27 possible RPS gambits before competing,” said Cooper. “I prefer not to discuss my strategy because I plan to defend my title at next year’s World Championships.”

I was amused to discover the US RPS league earlier this year, and amused still more to hear NPR’s Steve Inskeep interview Jason Simmons, aka Master Roshambollah last week (Inskeep lost both throws against the Master).

More: pictures and video from previous tournaments, a feature film, and Rolling Stone: Hand to Hand Combat.