The End Of Paper

Domtar, “the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world,” launched a campaign to promote paper consumption. This much is old news, as the campaign is about a year old already. Among the messaging goals, according to the agency that designed it: It’s easier to […] » about 600 words

Rock Paper Scissors

This weekend’s Fifth Annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championships have ended, and Brit Bob Cooper has come out a winner. The Toronto event drew a reported 500 competitors and 250 spectators from 26 U.S. States, four Canadian provinces, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Wales, the UK and Ireland and paid a top prize of CAN$7000. “I […] » about 200 words

MIT Origami Competition

Ryan Eby and MAKE magazine alerted me to MIT’s student origami exhibit, in which Jason Ku’s ringwraith won the Best Original Model prize, and Brian Chan’s beaver — the MIT mascot — got special attention from the MIT News Office. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, beaver, competition, mit, nazgul, origami, paper, ringwraith » about 100 words

Rock Paper Scissors

Posted on the wall in Tom’s Peacock Bar in Corvallis was a mystery: a notice of a rock paper scissors tournament. A visit to the USA Rock Paper Scissors League‘s website proved more confusing. Take the first news release as an example: Rocky Balboa is stepping back into the ring for his final comeback, as […] » about 400 words

Recycling Tips From Our Physical Plant

Along with the energy saving and water saving tips previously, our physical plant folks have sent out these recycling tips: Recycling of Aluminum Cans — saves 95% of the Energy required to make the same amount of Aluminum from its virgin source. One ton of recycled Aluminum saves 14,000 KWH of Energy, 40 barrels of […] » about 300 words