3rd party JS libraries cause downtime

Facebook Connect went down hard tonight. HuffPo reports that their site was redirecting to a Facebook error page, even when people weren’t attempting to log in.

It makes me more comfortable with our decision to strip so many 3rd party javascripts from GigaOM during our last redesign.

Oh Noes! My Table Is Gone!

# mysqlcheck -p -A --auto-repair --optimize
info     : Found block with too small length at 17732; Skipped
info     : Wrong block with wrong total length starting at 17776
info     : Found block with too small length at 28776; Skipped
warning  : Number of rows changed from 444 to 441
status   : OK

Cleaning up the mess after a hardware failure can suck. This mysqlcheck output is from the wp_options table for this blog. Unfortunately, if the options table is unreadable, all of WordPress panics and fails to load.