Oh Noes! My Table Is Gone!

# mysqlcheck -p -A --auto-repair --optimize
info     : Found block with too small length at 17732; Skipped
info     : Wrong block with wrong total length starting at 17776
info     : Found block with too small length at 28776; Skipped
warning  : Number of rows changed from 444 to 441
status   : OK

Cleaning up the mess after a hardware failure can suck. This mysqlcheck output is from the wp_options table for this blog. Unfortunately, if the options table is unreadable, all of WordPress panics and fails to load.


As much as I like the bstat functionality of bsuite, I never intended it to be a replacement for a full server log-based stats application. That’s why I’m happy my hosting provider offers AWStats. The reports suggested ways to optimize my pages so that I could control my bandwidth consumption — up to 3.7GB/day before […] » about 200 words