Boris Yeltsin: The Most Colorful, Drunk Politician Since Churchill

Sure, Clinton played his sax on TV, Bush groped Angela Merkel, but Boris Yeltsin gave speeches drunk, tossed women into the water, danced on stage, and generally did all manner of laughable things. But he also turned back a hardline coup by jumping atop a tank and dragged Russia kicking and screaming toward democracy. Not […] » about 300 words

Nukerator, We’re Nukrawavable

Will, Cliff (both above), and I recorded this song in one take in late 1999. Though, calling it a “take” is overstating it. We were beyond silly drunk and lacked any talent for the task, but we had a mic in front of us, a guitar, and a willingness to open our mouths and let […] » about 800 words

Everybody’s Irish With A Quart O’ Whiskey In ‘Em

<a href="">Modern Drunkard Magazine suggests</a> we chase the snakes out of our minds, for as <a href="" title="William Butler Yeats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Yeats</a> reminds us: <blockquote>The problem with some people is that when they're not drunk, they're sober.</blockquote> » about 200 words