New Year’s Hangover Remedies

I find a few sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches and chocolate milk do the trick, but I’d eat those every day if I could. I’m always dubious of claims to national consensus, but this is especially ridiculous. Is our national hangover cure really tomato juice and eggs? I thought it was hair of the […] » about 100 words

McCain Staffers: More Whisky. Stat!

John McCain’s election team apparently told staff at The Phoenix Biltmore to have extra whisky on hand for their election party tonight. They’re not just planning to drown their sorrows: Republicans and Republican-leaning independents drink more whisky than the national average. Sweet photo by Bearfaced, though I almost used this picture of barrels (or this […] » about 100 words

Boris Yeltsin: The Most Colorful, Drunk Politician Since Churchill

Sure, Clinton played his sax on TV, Bush groped Angela Merkel, but Boris Yeltsin gave speeches drunk, tossed women into the water, danced on stage, and generally did all manner of laughable things. But he also turned back a hardline coup by jumping atop a tank and dragged Russia kicking and screaming toward democracy. Not […] » about 300 words

And We’re Discarding This?

I read <a href="" title="Photo Sharing">enough of this to get a good laugh</a>, but not enough to understand if it was serious or not. Some of it reads like satire, but other parts as are dry as, well, they're dry (who really needs a simile anyway, they're just dry, okay?). » about 100 words

Everybody’s Irish With A Quart O’ Whiskey In ‘Em

<a href="">Modern Drunkard Magazine suggests</a> we chase the snakes out of our minds, for as <a href="" title="William Butler Yeats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Yeats</a> reminds us: <blockquote>The problem with some people is that when they're not drunk, they're sober.</blockquote> » about 200 words