Nukerator, We’re Nukrawavable

Will, Cliff (both above), and I recorded this song in one take in late 1999. Though, calling it a “take” is overstating it. We were beyond silly drunk and lacked any talent for the task, but we had a mic in front of us, a guitar, and a willingness to open our mouths and let […] » about 800 words


The music has been on random for weeks now, but 33.3‘s “Joanne Will,” from Plays Music played this afternoon as soundtrack to the summer rains. Brent Sirota may struggle to tell us how bad it is (while also giving it a 4.5 rating), but this “easier to listen to jazzy than to listen to jazz” […] » about 200 words

Flight of the Conchords

| <a href="">Ryan</a> sent along a link to <a href="">Flight of the Concords</a>' <a href="">Business Time</a> last week and I'm still laughing over it. With some exploring at a fansite, <a href="" title="What the Folk!">What the Folk!</a>, I dug up a trove of other amusements, including <a href="">She's So Hot Boom</a>. For more info, I turned (as usual) to the <a href="" title="Flight of the Conchords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Wikipedia article</a>. And if I had HBO, I could have caught a repeat of them on <a href="">One Night Stand</a> this past Wednesday. But alas, no. » about 100 words