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Action Camera Market Not Yet Saturated, According To Sony

I wondered if the GoPro-style action camera market had already become saturated back in January, now I’ve learned that Sony apparently doesn’t think so. At least one imagines that’s the conclusion they came to before deciding to join the competition with a camera of their own. They call it the Action Cam, and it clearly takes its design cues from Contour.

What does Sony offer to stand apart from the established players? 120 frames per second at 720p, WiFi, and SteadyShot is what they’d say, though SteadyShot takes the angle of view from 170° down to 120°. It doesn’t do meaningful still photos or timelapse.

It releases on September 24 for $270 if you’re still interested.

Photron Makes My Favorite Video Camera

Photron’s APX-RS video camera can capture 250,000 frames per second at top speed, and it can get megapixel+ resolution at 3,000 frames per second. It’s one of a dozen or so cameras in Photron‘s lineup that can shoot very, very fast video. How fast is a thousand frames a second? How fast is several thousand […] » about 300 words