Photron Makes My Favorite Video Camera

Photron’s APX-RS video camera{#KingOfHighSpeedVideo} can capture 250,000 frames per second at top speed, and it can get megapixel+ resolution at 3,000 frames per second. It’s one of a dozen or so cameras in Photron‘s lineup that can shoot very, very fast video. How fast is a thousand frames a second? How fast is several thousand frames a second? Numbers alone do a bad job of telling that story. That’s why they did up this set of sample vids

I like the water balloon best, and I’ll bet you watch it a few times with your jaw open while you wonder about the physics you’re seeing. But if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s video of guns firing, engine cylinders firing, rockets firing, phones dropping, waster splashing, stuff injecting, propellers cavitating, clubs clubbing, flies flying, cars crashing, snakes biting, and cookies flipping.

Oh yeah, it’s Friday….before a long weekend.

Here are some more videos to get you through a day if you’re stuck in the office:

…and a lot of stuff in the questionable, funny, pointless category