Another Reason I’m Glad I Left Verizon

I received the following message from Clickatell, the SMS gateway provider I use to programmatically send text messages to cell phones: Please be advised that US carrier Verizon Wireless has announced that they will be charging an additional 3c per SMS for all application originated mobile terminated messaging beginning November 1, 2008. This increase will […] » about 400 words

iPhone Service Plans and Coverage?

AT&T’s current (reasonable) voice and smartphone data plans offer 900 minutes for $60 and unlimited data for an additional $20, but previous reports about the iPhone suggested that consumers should expect to pay $60/month for service, so we’re left to wonder what’s up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking AT&T users about their signal coverage. I’m on Verizon now and enjoyed pretty solid coverage throughout DC, even underground. Folks on AT&T, however, had spottier coverage, even above ground. And on the train home I found myself next to a passenger trying to conduct business on AT&T, but who was getting disconnected regularly. All the while, my phone showed plenty of signal.

And yet, USA Today says AT&T is “girding” for for launch, including investing in their network, so again we’re left to wonder.

update: the rate plans are out. $60 will get you 450 voice minutes and unlimited data, but all plans are limited to 200 SMS messages. Add $20 to double the talk time, and toss in another $10 for 2000 text messages or $20 for unlimited.

Claims of Prior Art In Verizon/Vonage Patent Infringement Case

Vonage has been saying Verizon’s patent claims are overly broad for some time, but now people have dug up some prior art. One of the patents Verizon is complaining about is #6,104,711, what they call an “enhanced internet domain name server.” In short, it’s all about linking phone numbers to IP numbers, and Jeff Pulver […] » about 300 words

The High Cost Of Innovation: Vonage’s Patent Woes

Vonage will be in court again tomorrow defending itself against Verizon’s claims of patent infringement. The innovative VoIP company had lost the trial and was ordered to pay $58 Million in damages in early March, when a jury found them to have violated thee of seven related patents held by Verizon. Vonage appealed of course, […] » about 300 words

Rocking Wirelessly: Verizon’s V640 EVDO Card

After <a href="">vacillating for a while</a> (and <a href="">waiting for it to become available</a>), I finally purchased one of the <a href="">Verizon</a> / <a href="">Novatel V640</a> <a href="">Express Card</a> <a href="">EVDO</a> adapters that <a href="">everybody's talking about</a> for my <img border=0 width=1 height=1 src="" /><a href="">MacBook Pro</a>. » about 300 words

Treo 650 As Dial Up Network Adapter

Sometime ago I started work on figuring out how to get dial up networking (DUN) access via my Treo 650. Now I’m getting serious about mobile internet access and looking at this again. The plan is that you should be able to make a Bluetooth connection between your laptop and the phone and then get […] » about 500 words

Verizon EVDO Service And The Mobile Office?

The much anticipated Novatel V640 Express Card EVDO adapter is out. Verizon is pimping them for $180 with 2 year contract and GearLog says it’s “almost too easy” to use these goodies with the MacBook Pros. Then GearLog reader Brad commented: “If you had to install a driver, I wouldn’t say it was the true […] » about 300 words