Verizon EVDO Service And The Mobile Office?

Acela luxury

The much anticipated Novatel V640 Express Card EVDO adapter is out. Verizon is pimping them for $180 with 2 year contract and GearLog says it’s “almost too easy” to use these goodies with the MacBook Pros.

Then GearLog reader Brad commented: “If you had to install a driver, I wouldn’t say it was the true Mac experience. I have Sprint EVDO with a Merlin S620 card. With OS X 10.4.7 it works out of th box (no driver install).”

Pedantic fussing about the “true Mac experience” aside, I’ll admit real concern about installing an software from Verizon. Service providers are notoriously careless about what they do to users’ machines, and though Verizon isn’t AOL, the notion of a big faceless company putting its hooks into the tools I use and depend on is reasonably scary.

On top of that, Brad warns “Verizon is infamous for cancelling EVDO customers who use significantly more bandwidth than the rest.” I don’t know what “significantly more bandwidth” is, but he recommends as a place to take the temperature of Verizon customers.

Photo above by Michael Stephens, and I have no idea if he’s getting mobile internet from his sweet desk/seat on Acela. I am, however, enamored of the notion of such an office on the move.