GigaOM Mobile Site Launched

This week we launched a new mobile theme at It was out for just a day or two before Dennis Bournique surprised us with a review on I have no way of knowing if I would have linked to the review if it wasn’t positive, but I would likely have found a way to […] » about 300 words

Fiddling With Open Source Software for Libraries Theme

I generally liked CommentPress, but when the Institute for the Future of the Book website went down recently, it started throwing errors in the dashboard. So I decided to re-do the Open Source Software For Libraries website using Derek Powazek’s DePo Masthead. I think it’s a beautifully readable theme, and I only had to make […] » about 200 words

New Theme

For the past year or so I’ve been wanting to design a non-bloggy theme for this site — a beautiful theme with a magazine-like front page showing the most recent post in a handful of categories. But I’m further from it now than last year, so it’s time to move on. Which isn’t to say […] » about 300 words

Theme change…

Theme change not yet complete, but looking good. It’s a widened version of Clemens Orth’s Relaxation_3column, itself a derivitive of John Wrana‘s two columned Relaxation theme. I found it on the WordPress Codex, and though it was among the first group I looked at, I dutifully clicked through to every other three-columned theme listed there.

Anyway, expect the banner to change, and I’m working on how I want to handle the width on smaller monitors (where “smaller” actually equals anything narrower than 1280px). Eh, life goes on.