New Theme

new MaisonBisson theme

For the past year or so I’ve been wanting to design a non-bloggy theme for this site — a beautiful theme with a magazine-like front page showing the most recent post in a handful of categories. But I’m further from it now than last year, so it’s time to move on.

Which isn’t to say that I settled for my new theme. It’s based on Neo-Sapien by Small Potato. I made it a bit wider, the header a bit shorter, and the image is random-ish (random, but cached). I’m still not done tweaking it, but I’m really pleased with where it’s going. Most importantly (this one’s for you, JTPratt), you can now find easy links for things like bSuite and my other projects. And I’m also following Nielsen’s advice with the about and contact pages (though I have slightly hidden the about Casey page).

In my haste to actually finally do this, I decided to do it live. WP Super Cache, without which my blog falls over, made confirming changes a chore, but that forced me to work a bit more methodically. The fastest and easiest way to clear the cache after making a change is to either edit a post or select a new theme (and then change it back again). So if you looked at the site today, you may have found it switching back and forth between the old and new themes for most of the afternoon. And if I’d realized I’d just been linked by Lifehacker (for Sandee’s independence day daiquiri post), I might have done it differently.