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Instant Messaging in Libraries: Ten Points from Aaron Schmidt

Aaron Schmidt’s 10 points about IM in libraries include:

  1. Instant Messaging is free (minus staff time)
  2. Millions of our patrons use IM every day.
  3. For some, not being available via IM is like not having a telephone number.
  4. There are three major IM networks (AIM, Y!M, MSN)
  5. Y!M and MSN will be interoperable at some point.
  6. Trillian is a multi-network IM client, meebo is a web-based multi-network client. Use them.
  7. Having practice sessions in-house is a good way to get staff excited about IM in libraries.
  8. Staff can communicate in-house using IM.
  9. Libraries can choose to have one IM point of contact, or they can choose to divide it departmentally.
  10. IM is user-centered and builds relationships with library users.

edit: URL fixed as per Aaron’s comment below.