T2000 Unboxed And Online

My Sun T2000 is here, and with Cliff‘s help it’s now patched, configured, and online. (Aside: what’s a Sun Happy Meal?) I’ll second Jon‘s assessment that Sun really should put some reasonable cable adapters in the box, as the the bundle of adapters necessary to make a null modem connection to the box is ridiculously […] » about 200 words

Blogging From Basements

My buddy Cliff emailed me excited about the following quote he found on the Yahoo Finance message boards: Sun vs Dell All you need to know about Dell & Sun was predicted 8 months ago by some blogger in his parent’s basement. The draft ads are cool: http://spiralbound.net/2005/09/15/sun-talks-some-smack/ How come the big brokerage house analysts […] » about 100 words

Is Sun’s T2000 Up To It?

Jonathan Schwartz made the kind of news that makes Slash Dotters happy: he announced Sun is (sort of) giving away free servers. It’s a promotion, a media play, of course, but one that might make a few lucky people very happy. Here’s the deal: Sun is really proud of their new T2000 eight core server. […] » about 400 words

The Ultraviolet Sun

From the NASA website: EIT (Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope) images the solar atmosphere at several wavelengths, and therefore, shows solar material at different temperatures. In the images taken at 304 Angstroms the bright material is at 60,000 to 80,000 degrees Kelvin. In those taken at 171, at 1 million degrees. 195 Angstrom images correspond to […] » about 100 words

Throwing Google A Bone For Cliff

Cliff worries that his website, Spiralbound.net, doesn’t get indexed by Google often enough. He’s a good guy, so I figure I’ll prime the pump for him. Here, Google Google. Solaris Docs: Migrating Veritas Volume Manager disk groups between servers Solaris Docs: Solaris Disk Partition Layout Solaris Docs: Copying A Boot Drive Between Disks With Different […] » about 200 words