About Those Unencumbered Video Formats

The Free Software Foundation tells us the H.264 AVCHD video encoding standard violates the very tenets of freedom, they claim competitors such as VP8/WebM and Ogg Theora are both unencumbered and technically equal to H.264. What they really mean is that software patents are evil. Now the MPEG LA, the body that administers the H.264 patents and […] » about 400 words

Remixability vs. Business Self Interest vs. Libraries and the Public Good

I’ve been talking a lot about remixability lately, but Nat Torkington just pointed out that the web services and APIs from commercial organizations aren’t as infrastructural as we might think. Offering the example of Amazon suing Alexaholic (for remixing Alexa’s data), he tells us that APIs are not “a commons of goodies to be built […] » about 400 words

Is Sun’s T2000 Up To It?

Jonathan Schwartz made the kind of news that makes Slash Dotters happy: he announced Sun is (sort of) giving away free servers. It’s a promotion, a media play, of course, but one that might make a few lucky people very happy. Here’s the deal: Sun is really proud of their new T2000 eight core server. […] » about 400 words

Free Fonts

Zone Erogene has ten fonts available for free download, including Migraine Serif and the faux-cyrillic Perestroika.

Tip for Mac OS X users: rename the font to remove the “.txt” extension that will get added to the filename, then double-click it.

Jimmy Wales’ Free Culture Manifesto

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and director of the Wikimedia Foundation, is working on his keynote for the Wikimania conference in Frankfurt. Ross Mayfield at Many2Many posted a preview and gives some background. What should we expect? Wales’ speech touches on ten things necessary for Free Culture:

  • Free the Encyclopedia!
  • Free the Dictionary!
  • Free the Curriculum!
  • Free the Music!
  • Free the Art!
  • Free the File Formats!
  • Free the Maps!
  • Free the Product Identifiers!
  • Free the TV Listings!
  • Free the Communities!

Mayfield offers more description of each item, go read it.