Poulsen Welding Shop, Susanville, CA

There are just over 20,000 self-employed welders in the US today, according to the bureau of labor statistics.

Yongma Land

Just a creepy clown head at an abandoned amusement park outside Seoul.

Stereotypical photo of the Brooklyn Bridge

Gray skies at the #BrooklynBridge

Yarn bombed, San Francisco City Hall

Yarn-bombed trees outside San Francisco City Hall

Rain, San Francisco

Much-needed rain soaks the tables at San Francisco's Ferry Building.

Johnathan Little

Johnathan Little has been walking since he left Oklahoma.

The KPA soldier guarding the door to North Korea

The door behind this KPA soldier exits to North Korea. In addition to needing a stolid face, KPA soldiers must be expert martial artists, according to Wikipedia.

No groceries, Mina, Nevada

Grocery, sundries, ice cream in Mina, Nevada

Mortmar, California

This was once North Shore, California, but many maps now label it Mortmar.

Looking up at Muir Woods

End of summer at Muir Woods, with a Lomography Spinner 360.

Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

The Extraterrestrial Highway, just north of Area 51

Street jazz

New Orleans-style jazz on the Embarcadero.

Everybody smiles while rolling down the hill...

Everybody smiles while rolling down the hill at the Bring Your Own Big Wheel event!