Atomic Cafe neon

The famous neon sign at @atomicliquors, #LasVegas’ oldest bar, where 1950s patrons used to enjoy views of nuclear tests from the roof.

I had the joy of meeting the former owner, Joe Sobchik, on a visit in 2005. I stopped by around 7am (yes, I make a habit of visiting bars early in the morning) and found the owner, Joe Sobchik, sipping a coffee at the bar. He was a man full of stories, I could tell, but I was foolishly unprepared.

Joe and his wife Stella both passed away in 2010, and the bar bumped along to continue in new hands. The sign, at least, is unchanged from when I first found it decades ago. The bar remains a great place to enjoy a drink, though it no longer stays open 24 hours daily.

Music: CC-BY-NC-SA Zero V’s Don’t Rush

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