“Life is like riding a bicycle...

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” —wisdom by Albert...

Fuji Instax back for Hasselblad

Isaac Blankensmith writing in PetaPixel about building an Instax instant film back for a Hasselblad 500:

Instant photos are magical. They develop before your eyes. You can share them, gift them, spill water on them, draw on them. The only problem is that most instant cameras are pretty cheap — that’s why I’ve always wanted to hack my medium format camera to take instant photos with shallow depth of field and sharpness.

Since Fuji ceased production of their Polaroid-compatible peel-apart films a few years ago, there has been significant interest in a Fuji Instax back. At least two Kickstarters have been announced, Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back and Rezivot Instant Film Processor, but neither of those was successful.

@instantmediumformat on Instagram converted an old Mamiya Press Camera, but has offered few details for those who wish to follow. Blankensmith’s post is a pretty good starting point for people who’ve been considering building one for themselves–possibly people like me.

The color of Copenhagen

Is it yellow, brown, mustard? I love all the shades.

Steven Dean McClellan, Bombay Beach

Steven Dean McClellan, Bombay Beach

Love locks, Copenhagen

Toldbodgade bridge over Nyhavn inlet.

Yongma Land

Just a creepy clown head at an abandoned amusement park outside Seoul.

Johnathan Little

Johnathan Little has been walking since he left Oklahoma.

The KPA soldier guarding the door to North Korea

The door behind this KPA soldier exits to North Korea. In addition to needing a stolid face, KPA soldiers must be expert martial artists, according to Wikipedia.

Mortmar, California

This was once North Shore, California, but many maps now label it Mortmar.

Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

The Extraterrestrial Highway, just north of Area 51

Street jazz

New Orleans-style jazz on the Embarcadero.

Everybody smiles while rolling down the hill...

Everybody smiles while rolling down the hill at the Bring Your Own Big Wheel event!