SXSW 2007 Program Proposals

There's 173 programs proposed for <a href="">SXSW Interactive</a>, March 9-13 2007. Go vote for the ones you most want to see at Lindsey Simon's <a href="">super cool picker</a>. Round one voting is going now. (Also note the really good use of semantic markup in the <a href="">HTML download version</a> (which I'm embarrassed to have sullied a bit in this representation).) » about 19800 words

GeoTagging Gets A New Meaning

Who doesn’t love tagging? No, tagging as in annotating, not graffiti. Anyway, Rixome is the latest among a bunch of plans/projects to enable tagging of geographic spaces/real-life environments. The good people at We Make Money Not Art had this in their post: rixome is a network and a tool that turns mobile screens into windows […] » about 300 words