GeoTagging Gets A New Meaning

Rixome tagged environment.

Who doesn’t love tagging? No, tagging as in annotating, not graffiti. Anyway, Rixome is the latest among a bunch of plans/projects to enable tagging of geographic spaces/real-life environments.

The good people at We Make Money Not Art had this in their post:

rixome is a network and a tool that turns mobile screens into windows that show the virtual and public dimensions of our point of view.

A walker (a rixome user) can see on his/her mobile phone/PDA/laptop screen the virtual interventions that have been added to the location where s/he now stands. For example, a spoken message can be left on a given location for other “walkers” to hear through headphones whenever they pass by. The message can also be written, or it can be a 3D animation or image, a photography, a drawing, a video.

Remote rixome users can also check vía Internet the traces left by others but s/he won’t be able to add an intervention similar to those published in situ.

Developed by gelo for his at Master of Art and New Technologlies at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

(Engadget is onto this story too)

This idea isn’t new (see Twenty Years From Now: Urban tagging and New Media Knowledge – GeoTagging The City) But time, technology, and a forward thinking art student make Rixome look more plausible than the others.

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