Last Minute Gift Idea

My friend Joe loved his chickens, though a fox did them in this last fall. He’d planned to leave the coop empty for the winter and start fresh in the spring, but his surfing lead him to mail order chickens (adoption card pictured above). So…what better a gift for a friend than a chicken by […] » about 100 words

Be A Leader! Manage Your Staff With Ralph Wiggum Quotes!

“I eated the purpleberries” (groaning). “How are they Ralph…. Good?” “They taste like…burning.” More goodness at the Ralph Wiggum Soundboard, via InformationNation. More quotes, like “Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!,” at TheDotDotDot. tags: funny, goodness, humor, laugh, quotes, ralph, ralph wiggum, ralph wiggum quote, ralph wiggum quotes, ralph wiggum soundboard, simpsons, the […] » about 100 words

Culture of Entertainment

I don’t remember how I found this tip to‘s collection of police videos of car thefts. They’re good for a few laughs, but things like this — and about half of the programming on Spike{#13535} — make me wonder how far we are from from the worlds depicted in Running Man and so many other stories.

Eh, at least we’ve got Bravo. That’s some good TV.

Stay Free!: Copyright Activists

The are few things as joyus as the excitement of discovery, so it was a great pleasure to learn that Stay Free! Magazine has a new blog: Stay Free! Daily. The blog has a number of stories about intellectual freedom and copyright oppression that resonated with me. Take a look at Silent Disobedience, Christo’s policy […] » about 500 words