Happy D. B. Cooper Day!

D. B. Cooper, the guy who hijacked a plane in 1971 and then — mid-flight — jumped into the darkness with a bundle of cash and disappeared, is celebrated on this day, the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Granted, this is mostly just a thing in Ariel Washington, where it’s said to have started in 1974, but the […] » about 400 words

Pravda and McCarthyism

Don’t worry. I’m right on top of whatever happens in Pravda, the leading newspaper of the Russian Federation. Or, at least, I’m right on top of whatever they report in their English language version. The thing that had me choking on my onion and boursin cheese bagel this morning was the story headlined FBI arrests […] » about 300 words

Stay Free!: Copyright Activists

The are few things as joyus as the excitement of discovery, so it was a great pleasure to learn that Stay Free! Magazine has a new blog: Stay Free! Daily. The blog has a number of stories about intellectual freedom and copyright oppression that resonated with me. Take a look at Silent Disobedience, Christo’s policy […] » about 500 words

Extra Stories

A friend of a friend says his life is made up of places he can no longer go (or is no longer invited). Sad, but somewhat true. He’s also a funny bastard.

– – –

Sandee’s aunt had her 50th birthday not long ago. The aunt makes cakes on the side so it was no big thing when her daughters (who were planning the surprise birthday party for her) asked if she’d make a cake for some unknown group one of them was in. Later, after being appropriately surprised at her birthday bash, she was more surprised to recognize the cake there as the one she’d baked earlier.

– – –

A hand signed photo of Herbert Hoover, the former and very scary head of the FBI, hangs at the top of my basement stairs. It was there when we bought the house and I have not heard a good explanation for how it got there or why.