On wp_enqueue_scripts and admin_enqueue_scripts

An argument has erupted over the WordPress actions wp_enqueue_scripts and admin_enqueue_scripts vs. init. One of the points was about specificity, and how wp_enqueue_scripts and admin_enqueue_scripts can reduce ambiguity. I didn’t realize I had strong opinions on it until the issue was pressed, but it turns out I think wp_enqueue_scripts and admin_enqueue_scripts are unnecessary and unfortunate additions […] » about 300 words

AppleScript: Get Every Movie In iTunes

AppleScript can be frustrating, but it’s an easy way to get info out of iTunes. The following is a fragment of a script I’m working on, this part simply gets a record list of every video in the current iTunes window that is a “movie” (the alternatives include music videos and TV shows, among others). […] » about 200 words

Cleaning Up Category Relationships In A WordPress Scriblio Site

A few lines of SQL I used to clean up a Scriblio site. It’s probably useless to anybody but me. I’m not suggesting anybody else use this code, as it will result in changed or deleted data.

Update the post author for catalog records (identified because they have a specific post meta entry):

UPDATE wp_8_postmeta
JOIN wp_8_posts ON wp_8_posts.ID = wp_8_postmeta.post_id
SET post_author = 15
WHERE meta_key = 'scrib_meditor_content'

Get the categories attached to every catalog record (except the “catalog” category):

SELECT tr.object_id , tr.term_taxonomy_id
FROM wp_8_term_relationships tr
JOIN wp_8_posts p ON p.ID = tr.object_id
WHERE tr.term_taxonomy_id IN (
	SELECT term_taxonomy_id
	FROM wp_8_term_taxonomy
	WHERE taxonomy = "category"
	AND term_id != 30
AND post_author = 15
ORDER BY tr.object_id , tr.term_taxonomy_id

Using the above list of object ids and term taxonomy ids, build a series of queries like the following to delete them:

DELETE FROM wp_8_term_relationships WHERE object_id = 12275 AND term_taxonomy_id = 271872 ;

Insert a catalog category relationship for all catalog records:

INSERT INTO wp_8_term_relationships
SELECT p.ID , '271871' , '0'
FROM wp_8_posts p
LEFT JOIN wp_8_term_relationships tr ON p.ID = tr.object_id AND tr.term_taxonomy_id = 271871
WHERE post_author = 15
AND tr.term_taxonomy_id IS NULL

Many Eyes, Bugs Being Shallow, All That

WordPress 2.5.1 added a really powerful feature to register_taxonomy(): automatic registration of permalinks and query vars to match the taxonomy. Well, theoretically it added that feature. It wasn’t working in practice. After some searching yesterday and today, I finally found the bug and worked up a fix. I made a diff and set off to […] » about 200 words

Compress CSS & JavaScript Using PHP Minify

It was part of a long thread among WordPress hackers over the summer and fall, but this post at VulgarisOverIP just reminded of it: minify promises to be an easy way to compress external CSS and JavaScript without adding extra steps to your develop/deploy process. No, really, look at the usage instructions. (To be clear, the Vulgaris and Google Code versions are different, one derived from the other and backported to PHP4 compatible. Still, the concept is the same.)

Vulgaris reports a nearly 300% decrease in time to download, definitely worth the effort.

WordPress Strips Classnames, And How To Fix It

WordPress 2.0 introduced some sophisticated HTML inspecting and de-linting courtesy of kses. kses is an HTML/XHTML filter written in PHP. It removes all unwanted HTML elements and attributes, and it also does several checks on attribute values. kses can be used to avoid Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Buffer Overflows and Denial of Service attacks. It’s a […] » about 300 words

Parsing MARC Directory Info

I expected a record that looked like this: LEADER 00000nas 2200000Ia 4500 001 18971047 008 890105c19079999mau u p 0uuua0eng 010 07023955 /rev 040 DLC|cAUG 049 PSMM 050 F41.5|b.A64 090 F41.5|b.A64 110 2 Appalachian Mountain Club 245 14 The A.M.C. White Mountain guide :|ba guide to trails in the mountains of New Hampshire and adjacent parts […] » about 600 words