AppleScript: Get Every Movie In iTunes

AppleScript can be frustrating, but it’s an easy way to get info out of iTunes. The following is a fragment of a script I’m working on, this part simply gets a record list of every video in the current iTunes window that is a “movie” (the alternatives include music videos and TV shows, among others). […] » about 200 words

Mac + Cell Phone + Bluetooth + SMS

Old instructions that connect the Mac OS X Address Book app to a phone via Bluetooth from O’Reilly and SillyDog. Once paired, the Address Book can initiate dialing, notify the user of incoming calls, and send SMS texts.

Bluetooth Texter SMS Widget, message2net, and BluePhoneElite all offer further tools to interact with your Bluetooth-connected mobile phone. The list of compatible phones (BPE & m2n) offers some leads for those trying to make the connection.

Finally, Simon Winter offers some tips on interacting with SMS via AppleScript.