WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 Out, MaisonBisson Upgraded

WordPress 2.5 is out (and the WordPress site got a facelift), and I’ve already upgraded MaisonBisson using SVN. The changes are exciting, and seem to reflect a tradition that’s developing in WordPress of delivering some really revolutionary features in the x.5 release. The loss of file-based object caching was a bit of a problem, as […] » about 300 words

Changes To WordPress Object Caching In 2.5

Jacob Santos‘ FuncDoc notes: The WordPress Object Cache changed in WordPress 2.5 and removed a lot of file support from the code. This means that the Object Cache in WordPress 2.5 is completely dependent on memory and will not be saved to disk for retrieval later. The constant WP_CACHE also changed its meaning. I’ve just […] » about 200 words