Confirming that object references in arrays are preserved while cloning the arrays

A short test to confirm references are preserved in cloned arrays. The result is: Now let’s mess with one piece of that to check if the object was passed by reference or got cloned: Confirmed, the object is passed by reference, even though the array that contained it was cloned: » about 300 words

Corrosion Test Facility Not As Rusty As Expected

Corey, Will, and Jon were all as excited as I was to see the fabled Point Judith Corrosion Test Site, just south of Narragansett, but we were all surprised at how un-rusty the goods were. Don’t laugh, corrosion is a big deal. According to the National Materials Advisory Board: Corrosion of metallic structures has a […] » about 300 words

Alcohol Knowledge Test

I just love tests (previously: psychotic, leadership style in movies and famous people in history, and eccentric or autistic), so I was quick to try myself at this one when Al emailed me. It’s about alcohol, and like most tests, it’s not about getting the answer right, but giving the answer that the test writer […] » about 200 words