Satellite tracking

If you’re not reading Skyriddles blog, then you’re not tracking the sky above. And you might have missed the re-discovery of a satellite launched in 1967 and lost for nearly 50 years.

As it turns out, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been forgotten up there, and quite a bit that some are trying to hide. The blog is an entertaining view into the world satellites, including communication, spy, weather, research, and the occasional probe going further afield.

CubeSat Kickstarts New Space Race

CubeSat is Cal Poly’s plan to make space accessible to the rest of us. That is, they want to make it easy and cheap enough to launch satellites that even high schools can get a chance at it. Engadget says they call it “the Apple II of space exploration” (link added). Here, read this: The […] » about 300 words

Space Shuttle Tracking (and other good uses of the Google Maps API)

Tom Mangan has put the Google Maps API to interesting use with his space shuttle tracking page. Also worth checking out: his Blackbird Spotting site and TLable, a little extension to make pinning/annotating maps even better. blackbird, google maps, map api, space, space shuttle, spacecraft, sr-71, tom mangan » about 100 words