You Didn’t Know They Were Fighting: The Karen National Liberation Army in Myanmar

This news story from 2006 alerted me to a war I didn’t know anybody was fighting: the liberation of Karen State from Myanmar. The KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army) and KNU (Karen National Union) have been fighting for independence since the British left Burma (Myanmar) in 1948. What do you get a 51-year old rebel movement for its birthday? Here are their demands:

  • For us, surrender is out of the question.
  • We shall retain our arms.
  • The recognition of the Karen State must be complete.
  • We shall decide our own political destiny.

And Fell The Wall

It’s worth taking a moment to remember that the Berlin Wall fell this day in 1989. Though orders had been been given, they were botched by East German propaganda minister Günter Schabowski, who mistakenly announced in a press conference that restrictions on border crossings would be lifted immediately. In fact, restrictions were to be lifted […] » about 300 words

How To Survive a Robot Uprising

So there I am trying to read things I can’t possible read and I stumble across a link to Daniel H. Wilson’s How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion. From th Amazon book description: How do you spot a robot mimicking a human? How do you recognize and […] » about 400 words