Claim chowder from 2013: computational photography

Way back in 2013 I wrote:

I’m sure somebody will eventually develop software to automatically blur the backgrounds of our smartphone photos, but until then, this is basic physics.

The new camera system in the iPhone XS seems to have moved computational photography from the world of parlor tricks to the mainstream.


This blog post from the developer of Halide, a premium camera app for iOS, goes into a lot more detail about all the computation going on in the new cameras.

Claim chowder: cloud storage

Ten years ago Apple was still doing MacWorld Expo keynotes, and that year they introduced Time Capsule.

My response was this: forget Time Capsule, I want a space ship:

So here’s my real question: Why hasn’t Apple figured out how to offer me a storage solution that puts frequently used items on local disk, and less-frequently used items on a network disk? Seamlessly.

Ten years later: cloud storage is definitely the norm. Dropbox is about to IPO. And iCloud is the glue that unifies the Apple experience across all its devices (and which you’re perpetually out of space on, unless you pay).

We Were Warned About This…15 Years Ago

FORTUNE Magazine, March 7, 1994: Like alligators in a swamp, financial derivatives lurk in the global economy. Deriving their value from the worth of some underlying asset, like currencies or equities, these potentially lucrative contracts are measured in trillions of dollars. But they also lie in convoluted layers in a tightly wound market of global […] » about 300 words

Some Predictions Come True

Way back in 2002 Dave Winer made a bet:

In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs will rank higher than the New York Times’ Web site.

It’s important to remember that in 2002 people still wrote “weblogs” in quotes, as though they weren’t sure how to use the word. Winer won his bet in 2007. Anybody want to make a bet about 2014?

Looking ahead from 2008: top tech trends

I’m excited and honored to be joining Meredith Farkas and David J. Fiander in a roundtable discussion of Top Tech Trends, an OLITA program at Superconference. We’ve made a pact not to share our trends with each other in advance, so it’ll be interesting to see how much overlap… » about 1100 words